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About Paul J Robbins

paul j robbinsThe primary reason I’ve pursued Domestic Mediation is that as a practicing attorney for many years I’ve seen too many marriage dissolutions with such tragic, but avoidable, collateral damage done to the innocent children. I have been married for over 55 years and have 7 children with 29 current grandchildren and I know how much these young people mean to a parent. I have personally dealt with divorce litigation and I know how devastating that experience is for the couple, more often than not it’s a lopsided but shallow victory for one or the other. Someone once said that in a litigated divorce you get as much justice as you can afford and I know that to be true.

I attended college and law school with my wife and I have great respect for the law as well as fair-minded lawyers, but divorce court is the exception. Not only are the rights of the litigants (divorcing couple) greatly impeded but in some regards they have no rights at all. For instance Constitutional Rights are nonexistent and decision making is completely out of the hands of the couple getting divorced. For this reason alone I love the mediation process.

My training as an attorney, practicing in both California and Utah, is enhanced by my experience as a business owner, an entertainer, media personality, voluntary church service. youth counselor, athlete, military service and educator. In all of those work and volunteer experiences I have gained insight into human emotion, attitudes and needs. As a trained and qualified mediator I feel I have found my calling in life. I truly feel the need and the ability to help couples find the best solutions to their journey with plan ‘B’ (mediation). Otherwise look forward to what will likely be a grueling, intimidating painful and expensive experience I refer to as plan ‘A’ (divorce court). If I can help you by using plan ‘B’ I will, and if not then you are back to plan ‘A’.