Why Mediate?

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A peaceful approach to resolution

If a fight is what you want, accompanied with all the emotion, stress, intimidation, uncontrolled expense and being a victim of the law then you want to have ‘your day’ in court.  On the other hand if you want to sit down in a relaxed environment with someone trained to listen, negotiate and facilitate an agreement between the two of you, which you control without limitation as to what you can openly discuss, then mediation is for you. You also may want to consider that in mediation the expense is nominal, the time is as little or as much as you choose and the final decision is yours to make.

The fact of the matter is that Utah law and the Courts recognize the merits of mediation by making it mandatory for any divorce which has issues in dispute (HB 004) unless you apply for and are granted an exception. The reason for this is because mediation provides the best opportunity for divorcing couples to work together in achieving an agreeable resolution.