Divorce Resolution

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A Low Cost, Amicable Choice

Mediation eliminates the risks of being controlled by the process and allows you to customize your agreement. The average cost of litigated (Trial) divorces in the U.S. is $50,000 whereas, in my experience mediation costs generally run a very small percentage of that amount. More often than not it will cost between 2-3 hundred dollars split between the parties. If your filing for divorce has not been done then my cost to complete that will be around $1,000.00 dollars and the mediation is free. We also are very reasonable with a comprehensive estate plan to protect your children and assets, should you need it, which will cost you around $600.00.

Uncontested divorces through mediation do not require any court time and little or no attorney’s fees.

The court is a battleground and not a friendly environment. Divorce is a tinderbox designed to create conflict and you will get as much justice as you can afford.

A divorce trial leaves the outcome in the hands of attorneys and the judge and the latter hasn’t the time, interest or the ability in hearing or discussing all your concerns. A judge will never know as much about your case as you would like simply because of the rules and procedures which limit the information you can otherwise share in mediation.

Mediation helps to heal the wounds of contention. It’s a time to clear the air and level the playing field.