Mediation Process

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Simple Straight-forward Process

Your mediator will provide you with a confidential information intake form for you to complete and return prior to your mediation date, which is a date you pick. Mediation will be held in as convenient a location as possible. The initial, and possibly final, mediation period will last around 4 hrs. or less. The process can be accomplished in a room with both parties and their guests and/or legal counsel or the parties can be in separate rooms (shuttle mediation) if so desired or necessary. Mediation is designed to be flexible and creative without procedural structure so that the parties can be comfortable and accommodating. The model for mediation is self-determination, meaning the end result is totally dependent upon the parties.

Once the mediation is completed and an agreement has been reached on some or all of the issues then the mediator can draft a Memorandum of Understanding which can then be approved and memorialized into a formal agreement which the court will likely issue as a Decree of Divorce.