Mediation Scope

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Simple Resolution

No divorce issues are too complicated or complex for mediation. Anything a court deals with in a dissolution process can be dealt with and resolved in mediation. The major difference between a trial in court and mediation is that the parties, not the judge, makes the rules, then controls the procedure and the outcome. The mediator is simply a trained and knowledgeable facilitator who gives direction and encourages a successful compromise to whatever disputes exist. Mediation offers the best chance of a stress free solution to divorce issues.

Mediation is capable of dealing with and resolving issues of child and spousal support, custody and visitation the care and welfare of children, division of property, debt responsibility, tax implications, insurance, living adjustments and more. The primary concern for any mediator however should be the children. This cannot necessarily be said of the court which creates an adversarial arena that often directly or indirectly does great harm to the children.