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Courtroom Mediator

A Domestic Mediator is an individual trained and knowledgeable in family law who acts as an independent and neutral 3rd party and who consults with the parties, negotiates their differences and guides the process of achieving an agreement in a divorce matter. The mediator does not offer legal advise even if he/she is an attorney but the mediator listens and directs the dialogue between the parties. Mediation does not replace legal advise however and every party is encouraged to acquire whatever legal information they need. Everything that is said remains totally confidential and is not discussed outside the room nor is it recorded. Anything discussed in a mediation may not be subpoenaed or used as evidence in a court room. The few exceptions include child abuse.

To be a mediator listed on the Utah Court Mediation Roster and approved by the courts one must complete and pass formal training by the Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR) trainers and officials. See the approved list of mediators Utah Approved Mediators